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You can rely upon our original parts for your packaging machine

For a continuous and fault-free packaging operation

Your customers expect that they will receive the products they have ordered punctually, in attractively packaged bags. One of the most important foundations for deliveries to a customer according to schedule is your packaging machine. It must operate reliably and continuously and must not let you down, above all in peak production phases.

Bearbeitung von Kundenanfragen per Telefon im AVENTUS Büro Bearbeitung von Kundenanfragen per Telefon im AVENTUS Büro Bearbeitung von Kundenanfragen per Telefon im AVENTUS Büro

So always err on the side of caution

Use original parts from AVENTUS for reliable packaging operations – also to replace old and worn components. They offer you reliability and a stable value. They are simple to exchange due to their custom fit form and allow rapid putting into operation again.

Avoid alternative products. Even if their procurement seems temptingly cost-attractive, only the quality of our AVENTUS original parts always pays off in the end and contributes to cost savings: downtimes are minimised, service lives extended and operating times optimised. 

You no longer face any obstacles in maintaining a smooth production process.

Due to their custom fit form, our AVENTUS original parts offer you absolute reliability, stable value and long service lives.
Hildegard Tota, Spare Parts Sales
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Functional at all times

Store elementary parts for quick repairs

We can deliver our classical AVENTUS original parts quickly since we keep the majority of them in stock in our extensive warehouse. 

We nevertheless recommend that you store critical and quickly wearing parts in your own warehouse on-site, even if storage causes costs and additional logistical tasks for you. At the same time, however, you gain many plus points: you avoid frustration and optimise your operating times because you can react quickly in the event of an unplanned breakdown of your packaging machine. 

Contact us. We can put together an optimal AVENTUS original parts package for you. In this way you are very well prepared for any unexpected failure of your packaging machine. In the case of a plant standstill, you can simply and quickly replace the defective part.

The best protection against unexpected downtime of your packaging plant

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Huge availability of original parts 
  • Rapid delivery worldwide
  • The perfect custom fit form of original parts
  • Guaranteed performance of your machine
  • A long service life of your machine
  • Comprehensive advice available for optimal holding of stocks of parts in your facility

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us:
Spare Parts Sales AVENTUS
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