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Your materials on the test bench: our Technical Centre

So that your packaging is perfect

What is the perfect packaging? It should be attractive, arouse curiosity, optimally protect your products for transport and storage ... So there are many other demands and wishes that you have for your perfect packaging. But they all have one thing in common: You only get the perfect bag if the overall harmony in your packaging triangle is right.

Outstanding packing results

Through perfect interaction

By packaging triangle we mean the close link between product, packaging material and packaging technology. If you change just one parameter minimally in this triangle, it can affect your entire packaging process. But when all three elements are perfectly coordinated and interact optimally, you get your desired packaging result: an attractive package that optimally protects your product. 

As soon as we receive your enquiry, we start thinking intensively about what exactly your packaging process needs to look like to make it perfect. That is why we offer extensive analysis options in our Technical Centre at an early stage of the project. Not infrequently, this even results in side effects or important indications for optimisation of existing packaging processes. 

packaging triangle for optimisation of the packaging process packaging triangle for optimisation of the packaging process packaging triangle for optimisation of the packaging process
Together with you, we will shape your packaging future in a new and sustainable way! As your reliable partner - worldwide, networked, innovative and with the best technologies.
Claus Ohlmeyer, Sales Director

An excerpt from our range of analyses

Bag analyses

  • Film quality
  • Film thickness
  • Optimisation potential for films
  • Processing of recyclable films
  • Welding strength
  • Breakage resistance (bag drop test)

Product analyses

  • Grain structure
  • Bulk density
  • Flowability
  • Product moisture
  • Compacted volume
  • Flowability
  • Angle of slope

The result

You get our best solution with high-performance bagging and end-of-line packaging systems - precisely tailored to your modern packaging process today and tomorrow with increasing digitalisation and networking. And your end customer receives exactly the quality product that your brand name promises. 

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