Turnkey from a single source: our plant engineering

Fully exploit your potential in the overall process

Do you wish you could source the best technologies from the best specialists who focus completely on their one technological focus within their company, whose entire know-how revolves around this focus alone and has been perfected more and more over the years? But one thing stops you? You ask yourself whether too many interfaces mean too much coordination and whether harmonious processes are possible this way. 

We claim: it can be done! Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. Do not rely on the cheapest solution from a single source, but instead rely on a network of experts who are highly qualified precisely because of their specialisation, who know about the importance of harmonious processes with perfectly functioning process interfaces and who do everything they can with their passion and experience to implement them for you in a customised way . 

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Our passion at AVENTUS together with our subsidiary NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING applies to the careful filling of your products as well as palletising and load securing of your filled bags.

But we draw on a rich network of specialists, not just through our parent companies HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER which together have a wealth of experience of well over 250 years in all aspects of packaging and its upstream and downstream processes. 

Another icing on the cake for your successful plant engineering in polymer processing is our Polymer Alliance with our partners JSW and Zeppelin Systems. 

Harmonious: from the economical individual process to the perfectly coordinated overall process

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Turnkey, everything from a single source: high cost efficiency, fewer interfaces, less project risk - from project organisation in all project phases to commissioning and service
  • A smooth and economical overall process through selection of the perfect individual components for your project with subsequent overall configuration, taking into account your individual requirements
  • Reliable and modern continuous production using only the best technologies, developed by top people in your field and combined into an ideal overall composition
  • Smooth and cost-saving integration, whether it is a new production facility on a greenfield site or installation in an existing infrastructure

Which packaging material is forward-looking for your application?

Every cog in the wheel counts

Imagine if we could put you in touch with the best film and bag manufacturers in the world - experts who know exactly which packaging material your end consumers prefer in which regions and why. Or even one step further: whether, with a planned modernisation of your packaging, you could set trends for an even better, more sustainable and high-quality packaging world with a high recycled content in the future, which would be fully accepted by your end consumers. We can do it! Talk to us. 

Our parent company WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER is a leader in the field of film and bag making machines. There is hardly a producer of packaging films or bags in the world who has not heard of W&H - and even better: most of them use W&H machines in their production.

Your benefit: We can put you in touch with the best film and bag suppliers in the world - suppliers who can provide you with the exact future-proof consumables in the desired quality that we can process quickly, easily and best with our machines. 

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Many process steps before and around packaging

You have the vision - we already have your optimal configuration in mind

Do not rely on a generalist to deliver your equipment as cheaply as possible, but on a family of specialists to get the job done as profitably as possible.
Florian Festge, Managing Partner HAVER & BOECKER

It is not enough to just look at the packaging for your business, which has to run smoothly every day from scratch. Of course, the processes all around play a decisive role, if only when it comes to raw material preparation, for example. 

For economic production, you also need to keep an eye on parallel processes. For example, what if you produce and package not only bulk goods, but also liquids? 

For all your daily challenges, we have the perfect answer. Under the umbrella of our parent company HAVER & BOECKER brings together numerous technologies and brands, all of which are absolute experts in their field. We can thus draw on an immensely broad product portfolio that includes systems for preparation and storage as well as packaging, palletising, loading, automation and data management for complete product processing and logistics processes as well as mixing and filling systems for liquids.

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You may now think that many individual companies are acting in an uncoordinated way alongside each other and losing sight of your overall process. This is not the case! With its specialisation, each and every one of our sister companies has built up extremely distinctive know-how around its area of expertise - expert knowledge with comprehensive niche skills that all-rounders rarely have. 

At the same time, we never lose sight of the big picture within the group of companies - for your harmonious overall process. Rather, it fascinates every single person in our group of companies to put all the pieces of the puzzle together into a perfect turnkey overall composition. For each major project, we work closely networked with each other. We coordinate all system components ideally with each other in all project phases so that they can be integrated smoothly and cost-effectively into your process. You receive everything from a single source, from the entire project organisation in all project phases to commissioning and comprehensive service over decades - with a minimised project risk and reduced interfaces for you. And, on top of that, the overall package you receive is tailor-made and a perfect fit for your business. 

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The technology brands of our parent company HAVER & BOECKER


Polymer Alliance

How to play in the top league in the polymer business

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In the field of polymers, we work closely with the companies JSW and Zeppelin Systems. Together we founded the Polymer Alliance a few years ago - at that time still under the umbrella of HAVER & BOECKER. With the establishment of AVENTUS, the polymer business became our responsibility. We are proud to be able to continue the Polymer Alliance in its proven form with experienced and long-standing contacts. After all, many reference plants that have been operating successfully for years speak for themselves: With our Polymer Alliance, you have business success on your side. 

Do you want to know more about the reference plants?
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Thanks to our close cooperation with JSW and Zeppelin Systems, we are able to supply you not only with complete packing lines but also with all upstream aggregates for polymer processing on a turnkey basis from a single source, regardless of whether it is a new greenfield plant or the integration into an existing plant. 

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