Starting work at AVENTUS

The possibilities are diverse

Do you want to become part of our team and work together with us on even better and more sustainable packaging solutions? We offer a variety of different entry-level opportunities, depending on which stage of your career you are currently at:

AVENTUS Team vor einer Verpackungsmaschine in der Produktionshalle AVENTUS Team vor einer Verpackungsmaschine in der Produktionshalle AVENTUS Team vor einer Verpackungsmaschine in der Produktionshalle

Experienced professionals and young professionals

Are you looking for a new challenge or would you like to develop yourself further? Or have you come directly from university or have just finished your training? If you are interested in the fascinating mechanical engineering and innovative packaging machines, then come and see us.

To start with AVENTUS, you can fully rely on our support. As a career starter, experienced professional or career changer, we offer you a suitably intensive induction phase so that you can quickly and comprehensively perform your new job.

Perhaps there is the right job offer for you. Please just contact us or send us your speculative application: career@aventus.global.


Have you have secured a place at university and everything is going like clockwork for the theoretical training? But the connection to practice is missing? We support you in building bridges and make you fit to undertake practical work. With us, you will gain valuable and exciting insights into mechanical engineering and especially into modern packaging technology.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for dissertations, practical semesters or employment as a student trainee. You actively work on problem solutions and innovative topics that do not end up in some drawer later on, but are implemented in reality. In this way, you accumulate valuable practical knowledge.

Please simply approach us directly: career@aventus.global.


Are you interested in practical training with good prospects for the future? Come and see us. Our world of packaging machines is exciting and offers state-of-the-art training opportunities. At the same time, we accompany you with a high level of commitment and extensive experience on your way to a successful and varied professional life. Because we know: well-trained and motivated employees contribute significantly to our success.

Let us lay a strong foundation together for your training success. We offer a number of interesting apprenticeships in close cooperation with our parent companies, namely the WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER Academy and the HAVER & BOECKER Academy. Also find out more at our job market. Or just ask: career@aventus.global.

Pupils and holiday jobbers

Are you looking for an exciting internship? Whether a voluntary or a compulsory internship during school time: we would love to help you get a taste of the working world. We are also happy to receive support during the holiday periods. As a holiday jobber, you can earn some extra money with us and gain your first professional experience at the same time.

Please send us a short application with your ideas, interests and the possible period of time to career@aventus.global

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us:
Human Resources AVENTUS
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48231 Warendorf, Germany