Well protected: our ARGON stretch hood

Save unnecessary effort by securing your full-bag pallets correctly

After palletising, your bags lie accurately stacked on the pallet. But the entire stack of bags is still unstable and can slip or be damaged. Nothing is more obvious than to additionally pack the pallet with a protective film by our ARGON stretch hood. It protects the stack of bags and is the finishing touch for safe transport to your end customers.

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We recommend our ARGON stretch hood

Our ARGON stretch hood offers you the greatest possible flexibility when using different pallet types and pallet dimensions. The stretch hood is pulled over the full pallet from a continuous film roll fully automatically, for a precise fit. To do this, the machine determines the pallet dimensions to be processed fully automatically, adjusts itself to them and stretches the film hood to exactly fit the pallet before pulling it over the pallet. 

Film consumption is kept to a minimum, as only the length of film actually required for the pallet to be packaged is cut precisely from the film roll. At the same time, thinner recycable film can be processed in a safe and reliable way - with unchanged high stability and an excellent appearance of the readily packaged pallet. 

So nothing stands in the way of safe transport of your packaged products, optimally protected from external influences, to your end customers. 

Tailor-made: your ARGON stretch hood

The requirements in your daily packaging operation are the measure of all things: 

  • Do you process one pallet size with different loading heights at speeds of up to 100 loads/h?
  • Or do you process a large number of different pallets at speeds of up to 200 loads/h?


We offer you the individual solution from our portfolio:

  • For higher outputs, we adjust the number of installed film rolls, for example.
  • For different load sizes, we rely on the flexibility of our four grippers, which can be individually adjusted in length and width to the actual load size as required.
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Attractive load securing and more sustainability through our ARGON stretch hood

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reduced film consumption through patented stretching technology and use of thinner films
  • Lower energy consumption through the use of modern motors
  • Flexibility due to a compact and modular design - suitable for the type and size of your end-packed bag pallet
  • Cost optimisation through low-maintenance technology and simple, fast and safer maintenance at ground level
  • Low investment costs if the sizes of the end-packed pallets vary only slightly

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