Why should you work for AVENTUS?

So that you enjoy coming to work

At AVENTUS, we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable as an employee with us. We take our social responsibility seriously and place particular emphasis on the compatibility of work and family.

Our working atmosphere is fresh and open-minded. All employees are very motivated and committed. The mixture of a lot of professional experience and a young pioneering spirit is inspiring for everyone. After intensive support during the induction period, it allows new ideas to come to life while at the same time making use of the existing wealth of experience. And ultimately, all employees have one big goal: they want to make AVENTUS successful. For this, they stick together and pull in the same direction. Commitment and determination are valued and appreciated accordingly.

We are comparable to a large family in which people rely on each other.
Sabine Meuter, Spare Parts Sales

Many good reasons speak for AVENTUS

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Flexible working times

Organise your working hours in such a way that you can reconcile your professional and private life.

Thanks to flexible working time models and the possibility of mobile working, there are various options. 

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Equal opportunities

Our door is open to all.

With us, everyone gets the same opportunity - regardless of social standing, age, gender, skin colour or physical impairments.

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Code of Conduct

Acting sustainably in every respect is a matter of course for us. We support the commitment of the United Nations and the corresponding principles, which we have summarised in our Code of Conduct for all employees.

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Modern workplaces

All workplaces are modern and above all ergonomically furnished, e.g. with height-adjustable desks.

Our building has a combined heating-cooling system so that we always have pleasant room temperatures in summer and winter.

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Our company restaurant is the meeting place with a great outdoor terrace, delicious breakfast offerings and changing lunch menus for all tastes. Here is where we come together. We have time to talk and exchange ideas across departments. Often the best ideas come out of this.

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Parking and e-mobility

Irrespective of whether a car, motorbike or bicycle. We have enough parking spaces, some of which are equipped with charging facilities for e-cars and e-bikes.

What else counts?

Professional advancement and further training

For all employees who ask themselves these questions, we offer a wide range of opportunities for professional development within the company.

For everything beyond that, our two parent companies have their own academies that offer comprehensive training and further education programmes. 

We at AVENTUS can also access these offers:


HAVER Academy


Leiter als Symbol für Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten und Weiterentwicklung bei AVENTUS Leiter als Symbol für Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten und Weiterentwicklung bei AVENTUS Leiter als Symbol für Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten und Weiterentwicklung bei AVENTUS

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us:
Human Resources AVENTUS
Katzheide 33
48231 Warendorf, Germany