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Tailor-made for your needs: our bag filling machines

This is the best way to meet your packaging requirements

The packaging of your products, whether grained or granulated or similarly structured, must meet many demands: It must be clean, compact, accurate in weight and easy to store - and above all, it must provide optimum protection for your product. 

It should also arouse your customers' curiosity, encourage them to buy and enable easy handling. At the same time, you must not lose sight of your costs. And the call for environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials is louder than ever. 

Increase your profit with our packaging machines and net weigher

Why AVENTUS should be part of your packaging operation

  • Highest productivity, flexibility and availability thanks to our modern machine technology, which is wear-resistant and low-maintenance 
  • Clean and weight-accurate product processing thanks to our product-specific dosing and our precision net weigher
  • Optimum product and moisture protection for long storage times thanks to dense and stable form-fill-seal (FFS) and big bags
  • Low costs due to a clean packaging environment, low cleaning effort and optimised intelligent maintenance
  • Reduced waste through intuitive and self-explanatory operator guidance and optimum data networking from the original product to the ready-for-transport full-bag pallet in the high-bay warehouse

Play it safe: with our AVENTUS packaging machines

For more efficiency and an attractive appearance of your packaging

Regardless of whether you choose an form-fill-seal (FFS) bag or a big bag or octabin for packaging your products and especially your granules: you get clean, compact, easily tradable and weight-accurately packaged products that look attractive and arouse your customers' curiosity.

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Rely on Form-Fill-Seal: our FFS packaging machines

So that your products reach your end customers attractively protected

High product protection, improved shelf life, attractive bag shapes - these are all fundamental requirements that you and your customers have for modern packaging. In addition, for smooth and economical packaging operations, you need machine solutions that are easy and intuitive to operate.

When it comes to granule filling into form-fill-seal (FFS) bags, you can rely on our TOPAS SF, INTEGRA ISF or FFS 600 form-fill-seal (FFS) systems, which serve you all these plus points on a silver platter while not ignoring the increasingly important aspect of sustainability, e.g. through the use of energy-saving motors or the processing of PE films with high recycled content. 

Top performing: our Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) packaging machines

Why you should choose the FFS technology from AVENTUS

  • Good product protection, good storability and attractive marketing due to tightly welded and compact PE bags
  • Sustainability through minimised packaging material requirements, use of films with a high recycled content or composite materials
  • A space-saving, top performing and reliable machine design
  • Simple operation and maintenance thanks to clear and intuitive user guidance
  • High operator friendliness due to a clean packaging environment, good machine accessibility and low noise level
  • High flexibility due to a mobile machine design and easy changeover to other products and film types

Their application is crucial: our Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) packaging machine types

More productive, more reliable, more user-friendly - these are the highlights of our latest TOPAS SF. It is not only the most modern, but also the fastest machine currently available on the market for the high-performance filling of granules into form-fill-seal (FFS) bags, with far more than 2,600 bags/h in real production operation.

However, do you really need a high-performance system for your packaging operation? Or does the INTEGRA FFS 600 perhaps fit to your application much better? It is suitable for multiple applications and achieves hourly outputs of up to 550 bags. 

Browse through our different form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging machine types

And feel free to contact us for further details.
We are happy to define your needs together with you and present you with the machine type that suits you best.

With more than 1,000 systems in operation every day, the TOPAS SF is the epitome of modern and economical bagging of granules in PE film bags. It is one of our best-selling packaging machines and scores points in its new resource-saving design with absolute performance capability and reliability. No other system comes close to the speed and efficiency of our TOPAS SF.

Key data of the TOPAS SF

Products microgranules, granules, pastilles, pellets and flakes
Type of bag bags made of plastic film, PE tubular film or material combinations up to films with high recycled content
Filling weights 5 to 50 kg/bag
Capacity up to 2,600 bags/h

Special features of the TOPAS SF

  • Easy processing of a wide range of products thanks to the self-adjusting scale
  • High dust protection
  • Simple operation, also via a mobile phone
  • Efficient machine operation due to the adjustable operating pressure 
  • Low maintenance and more sustainability through use of improved durable components
  • Simple maintenance due to good accessibility 
  • A modular construction
  • A stationary or mobile version

The INTEGRA packaging machines are stationary, completely enclosed Plug 'n Pack systems. They fill everything from A - Z, regardless of whether it is plastic granule, fertiliser, salt or even sugar or pet food, for example . The INTEGRA ISF 1 is our packaging solution for tubular film bags. 

The system components are integrated in a dust-tight machine housing. Thanks to our modular design, we can flexibly expand the INTEGRA ISF 1 to achieve outputs of up to 2,200 sacks/h. 

Key data of the INTEGRA ISF

Products microgranules, granules, pastilles, pellets, flakes
Type of bag bags made of PE tubular film
Filling weights 5 to 50 kg/bag
Capacity thanks to modular design, expandable for up to 2,200 bags/h

Special features of the INTEGRA ISF

  • Safe bag handling due to low-maintenance grippers
  • Good accessibility 
  • Automatic optimisation of machine performance through intelligent production monitoring
  • Simple operation and maintenance through clear operator guidance via the interactive touch panel for parameter display as 3D graphics and in video form
  • Continuous operating data storage for automatic maintenance instructions
  • A low noise level due to intelligent pneumatic cylinder ventilation
  • Modular expandability for up to 2,200 bags/h

Our INTEGRA FFS 600 is a compact, completely enclosed packing machine for filling a wide variety of products from the chemical and food industries. It also works according to our proven Plug 'n Pack principle, so it only needs to be connected and adjusted for your product. The filling can already begin. 

It is our versatile solution for PE tubular film bags, especially for extra thick film qualities, with and without aluminium lamination, and achieves hourly outputs of up to 550 bags.

Key data of the INTEGRA FFS 600

Products microgranules, granules, pastilles, pellets, flakes
Type of bag PE tubular film bags with and without aluminium lamination, in particular also particularly thick film materials
Filling weights 10 to 50 kg/bag
Capacity up to 550 bags/h in combination with our net weigher and up to 300 bags/h in combination with a gross weigher

Special features of the FFS 600

  • Low space requirements
  • A reliable and low-maintenance machine design 
  • Good accessibility 
  • Automatic performance optimisation through intelligent production monitoring 
  • Simple operation and maintenance through clear operator guidance via the interactive touch panel, parameter display with the aid of 3D graphics and videos
  • Continuous recording of production data for automatic maintenance instructions

ffs-saecke-palettiert ffs-saecke-palettiert ffs-saecke-palettiert

They score top marks when it comes to product protection, easy transport handling and attractive product presentation.

  • The filled bags are completely closed, exceptionally stable, optionally waterproof and attractively printed.
  • They are compact and box-shaped.
  • They can be stacked perfectly in combination with our AVENTUS bag palletisers, so that storage and transport spaces are used optimally.
ffs-saecke-gefuellt ffs-saecke-gefuellt ffs-saecke-gefuellt

With our FFS solutions, you break through barriers when it comes to maximum efficiency in daily packaging operations.

  • The bags are formed, filled and sealed inside the machine from a tubular film with or without a gusset.
  • The bag formats can be easily and quickly adapted to the product to be filled. 
  • The machine is completely enclosed for optimum emission protection.  
  • You do not have to buy, store and fill pre-made bags.
  • Red flowing plastic granules

Trust in our net weigher

Because, when it comes to weighing and dosing your products, it is all about speed AND accuracy.

Each filling process is accompanied by a weighing process. After all, what producer wants to give away product quantities? Or vice versa: Which end customer is satisfied with underweight bags? With all the accuracy, the packaging performance must not suffer, of course. To enable you to weigh your products quickly and accurately before filling or batch loading, we recommend our AVENTUS net weigher. 

Net weigher Net weigher Net weigher

Our net weigher stands for absolute reliability, accuracy and is suitable in special design for high performance operations. Users who have known the net weigher for years from their daily packing operations appreciate its low maintenance requirements, robust design and compact size. In combination with different dosing systems, it can be used for a versatile product range. 

For your absolute operational safety, we equip our net weigher with a self-locking system. This means: The bottom flaps of the net weigher remain closed in the event of a compressed air failure and the product remains in the weighing container. 

For efficient cleaning, the net weigher is easily and quickly accessible via doors. 

Weight accuracy is paramount: our net weigher

Why you should rely on our net weigher

  • Reliable product processing through product-specific metering units
  • High weight accuracy due to precision load cells, servo technology and self-adjusting controls
  • Stainless steel design of all parts in contact with the product for good protection against aggressive products and easy cleaning
  • High user-friendliness due to an easily accessible and low-maintenance machine design
  • Simple and intuitive user guidance

The icing on the cake: our net weigher as a manual filling unit

Weight accuracy and reliability remain the be-all and end-all

Are you not working in high performance mode? And yet, of course, you still want a weight-accurate and reliable product filling in manual operation? 

Nothing is more obvious than to equip our net weigher with a filling spout. You can manually attach an open-mouth bag to this, which is then filled automatically. 

At this moment, our net weigher becomes our ELEMENTRA EOF bagging machine. Try it out. With it, you will get to know completely new dimensions in the manual filling of prefabricated open-mouth bags. 

nettowaage-befuellung-von-offenen-saecken nettowaage-befuellung-von-offenen-saecken nettowaage-befuellung-von-offenen-saecken

Choose our ELEMENTRA EGF for your big bags and octabins

Get your products on their way cost-effectively and in a resource-saving way

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to conventional bags for transporting your free-flowing bulk materials?

Use big bags or octabins. They are safe, efficient, easy to store and environmentally friendly due to multiple use. We supply you with the right filling technology, our ELEMENTRA EGF.

The ELEMENTRA EGF fills free-flowing bulk materials of all kinds into large containers such as big bags or octabins. Its configuration is optimally adapted to your product so that you can fill salt tablets, for example, just as reliably as fertilisers. You can even make your ELEMENTRA EGF mobile with the aid of an air cushion or rollers.

img-4716 img-4716 img-4716

Flexible in design, convincing in filling: our ELEMENTRA EGF

Why you should choose our ELEMENTRA EGF

  • Optimum product filling thanks to our product-appropriate dosing systems
  • Weight-accurate product processing through AVENTUS gross or net weighing
  • Simple operation through intuitive operator guidance, an ergonomic machine design with good accessibility and reduced maintenance effort
  • High flexibility due to the modular machine design up to a mobile version and easy retrofitting for automation
  • Cost optimisation through high machine availability

Do you prefer an automatic process for your big bag filling?

We also have a wide range of solutions ready for this, e.g.:

  • pallet separator
  • top sheet dispenser
  • full pallet transport systems

You tell us your desired level of automation - we deliver what you need for it. Talk to us. We completely redefine your filling process for large containers.

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