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Our values - our responsibility

Your reliable partner

We at AVENTUS live together according to a special corporate spirit. We have resolved, at all times, to be a reliable partner - towards our customers, our suppliers, our employees and also our two shareholders. The AVENTUS team acts with the consciousness to always do our very best for every partner and to seek to build on that and do even better.

Top technology for strengthening the security of supply

Together we master the challenges of the future

Sicher verpackte AVENTUS-Pakete Sicher verpackte AVENTUS-Pakete Sicher verpackte AVENTUS-Pakete

We engage in a market which is central for the solution of one of the most important challenges of the future.

By 2040 it is estimated that nine billion people will live on earth. This mass of people can only be supplied with their needs when the transport and packaging of goods are organised perfectly.

As a leading technology partner for the perfect flow of free flowing bulk goods we feel obliged to provide top technology to our customers to increase their productivity and thereby to make our contribution to increase the security of supply to people in the customer markets. 

Sustainable packaging solutions in focus

To protect our mother earth

Die nachhaltigen AVENTUS-Verpackungslösungen auf dem Förderband Die nachhaltigen AVENTUS-Verpackungslösungen auf dem Förderband Die nachhaltigen AVENTUS-Verpackungslösungen auf dem Förderband

Our product developments contribute to burdening the environment as little as possible. This is because protection of our natural basis of existence is a core guiding principle influencing all of our product developments. Therefore all members of our AVENTUS team work hard to realise optimal, sustainable packaging solutions for free flowing bulk goods. We are convinced that the future of the packaging economy is in the realisation of a modern recycling economy. 

We are committed to our global ecological, social and economic responsibility. We are convinced that economic success can only be achieved by adopting a sustainable approach to our business activities. We have defined special guidelines in the AVENTUS Code of Conduct for practical implementation of these aspects . 

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