Put your trust in the success of commissioning performed by our professional

Lay the foundation for permanently reliable packaging operations

High availability, a reliable performance and modern functionality – these are the basic expectations you would have when buying a new packaging plant. Expectations that we are happy to fulfil. Major foundations for a reliable plant start are the assembly and commissioning.

Serviceleistung: Inbetriebnahme einer Verpackungsanlage Serviceleistung: Inbetriebnahme einer Verpackungsanlage Serviceleistung: Inbetriebnahme einer Verpackungsanlage
Inbetriebnahme von Verpackungsanlage Inbetriebnahme von Verpackungsanlage Inbetriebnahme von Verpackungsanlage

Have the commissioning performed by our trained specialists

It is they who know best about all of the functions on our machines. Using this detailed knowledge, they can optimally match the plant to your application.

Our service technicians are stationed in many regions of the world. This close proximity to you means that they can be with you on-site much quicker. In some cases they will even speak your own language which, of course, is very useful for achieving quick and smooth commissioning.

Our service technicians are fully capable of overcoming every hurdle by optimally adapting the plant to meet your completely individual requirements. They are perfectly familiar with our machines inside out and know exactly what needs to be done to provide you with an optimal packaging process.
Martin Heese, Field Service Manager

Their job ranges from simply checking and monitoring right through to providing a turn-key installation

Contact us. We can adapt our service package individually to your issues.

Do you want someone to accompany your new machine from delivery to your works, then assembly through to successful putting into service with your products? Or would you prefer to leave the assembly work in the hands of your trusted employees? And then put your trust in our specialist when it comes to commissioning and precise adjustment of the plant to your products and local circumstances?

Contact us. Our experts will advise you. Together you can create the correct package for your successful commissioning, starting from the mechanical and electrical installation work through to site management, safety checks, commissioning, support during and after the commissioning, as well as calibration services. 

This is how you can profit from our experts

Your advantages at a glance:

  • All services from one source: reliability from the first planning stage through to a fully operational plant
  • Optimum adjustment of the plant to the local circumstances: optimal filling results, a perfect bag filling level, a high weight accuracy
  • Time and cost savings through deployment of the expertise and practical experience of our service technicians
  • Reduced travel costs and commissioning in the language of the country by local AVENTUS service technicians
  • Professional instruction of your operating personnel about machine technologies

Do you have any questions?
I will be happy to help you:
Steffen Gerdes
Deputy Global Service Director
Katzheide 33
48231 Warendorf, Germany