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Making data processing fun

Which evaluations do you run daily, monthly or annually? Which analyses do you need for better process transparency or process optimisation? Would it not be fantastic if you could get all the data you need in the appropriate form with just a few mouse clicks from a single data pool that fits perfectly into your software landscape and communicates effectively with your existing network solutions and ERP systems? 

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We offer you different software solutions for more transparency and faster data preparation around all your packaging and processing operations.

It starts with the classic and proven weighing data collection via process control and production management systems up to complete dispatch automation.

All of our solutions have in common that they offer a range of transparency in your processes, enable easy data exchange with your existing network environment and make a significant contribution to more efficient processes, better control of maintenance and technician assignments as well as error prevention, through almost endless analysis and evaluation possibilities. 

Be open-minded. Rely on our NEWEST digital product.

Our trendsetter for your comprehensive data management

Modern digital landscapes are constantly evolving. Data transparency is becoming an indispensable part of every journey due to ongoing digitalization, making relevant information just a click away. Therefore, its production must be an integral part of such processes to ensure you meet all the modern demands of your industry.

As your partner for your entire packaging production, we keep pace with the currents of the digital age.

Our latest solution for your modern data management is called QUAT²RO® Connect.

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Cost reduction through modern data processing that inspires - tailored to your individual production and packaging landscape

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Individually tailored software packages through to complete packages for the entire value chain
  • Optimisation of your production through improved condition monitoring with real-time data tracking and storage as well as intelligent automatic parameter adjustment
  • Increase data transparency and improve data analysis through continuous production data acquisition with a quick overview of important machine data
  • Reduction of downtimes through fast data-based fault analysis
  • Optimisation of maintenance intervals through component-specific automatic maintenance messages
  • Simplification of traceability through modern data visualisation
  • Controlled data storage and access through easy connection to your existing systems and networks, simple and secure data export

Learn more about our software packages for your processing and packaging operation

Transparency is the key - regardless of whether it concerns a single process step or the entire process.

You tell us how you imagine your individual software package for your production to be and we will put together the optimum solution for you from our various systems. Of course, you can also use each of our software solutions individually. 

  • Acquisition, display and evaluation of weighing data from our weighing electronics and, if in use, the checkweigher, e.g. actual, target and tare weights, overweights and underweights, etc. 
  • Information on drop weights, sort and batch changes
  • Production overview with real-time display of weight data
  • On-demand reporting daily, weekly, monthly or annually for example on total production, individual and average weights for each product, etc.
  • Easy data export for further processing
  • Operating, monitoring and supervision of production processes with the integration of all connected machines
  • Recording and archiving of operating messages, analysis of operating messages for optimisations
  • Maintenance messages, on time for each individual component
  • Graphical evaluations
  • Easy data exchange with other applications
  • Master data and production order management: recording and archiving of production data, individually for connected machines, checkweighers, metal detectors, etc., report and log generation
  • Monitoring and control of logistical and organisational services: generation and management of production orders, automatic distribution of order data, for example to packers, palletisers, etc. 
  • Simple data exchange with the ERP system
  • Modular structure
  • Recipe-true, reproducible processing with reliable traceability of all processes and raw materials
  • Posting of incoming and outgoing materials, materials management, recipe management
  • Configuration of the basic or control recipe, creation and scheduling of mixing orders, management of material parameters
  • Creating reports and statistics
  • Easy data exchange with other applications
  • Recording of all data relating to packaged and loose goods, manual and automatic loading, raw material input and finished product output, stocks, etc. 
  • Management of incoming and outgoing goods as well as shipping orders, incl. preparation of shipping documents
  • Simple networking with your ERP, completely digital product tracking from factory entry to factory exit
  • Avoidance of loading errors, e.g. by using dispatch cards (transponder cards) from factory entrance to the individual loading points and to the factory exit
  • Capture and archive process and production data
  • Record and analyse malfunctions and downtimes for more productivity and less downtime
  • Maintenance messages based on current machine and component conditions for optimised maintenance cycles and more efficient use of spare parts
  • Modular system design

Imagine entering your production hall early in the morning and inspecting your equipment. You might notice that the machine frequently stopped last night and wonder about the causes. Or you might be frustrated by bottlenecks during the last shift. Such situations and many other questions about your equipment often arise, and you know that an effective solution is necessary to achieve your production goals more efficiently.

In response to these challenges, we offer you a tool that is secure, flexible, scalable, cloud-based, locally operated, connective, informative, and insightful. Our new all-in-one analysis tool QUAT²RO® Connect combines all these features. You get an unprecedented overview of the performance of your entire production line. You can increase the productivity of your machines, identify causes of production bottlenecks, derive potential improvements to enhance machine productivity, and much more.

For easy access from anywhere in the world, you can centrally collect machine data from all your production sites, laying the foundation for additional customizable applications such as “Q-Dashboard” for customizable real-time insights into machine events and “Q-Insights” for the analysis of, for example, downtime and powerful display functions for production metrics. To ensure you can perfectly master your future challenges related to data collection, analysis, etc., we have more apps in the pipeline. Stay in touch with us to be the first to know!

A new era of efficiency and control: Discover the benefits of our new all-in-one analysis tool:

  • Optimized efficiency
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved reliability
  • Comprehensive production insights
  • Performance enhancement


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