AVENTUS Academy: well trained means already winning half the battle

This is how you qualify your personnel

Why invest in a new packaging plant or in optimisation of an existing machine? Naturally: you wish to optimise your production. One further decisive element for increasing efficiency is your personnel. Motivated and well trained personnel are interested in the machine technology and are prepared to engage with it and maintain it in good condition. Operators who are insufficiently familiar with machine operation and upkeep rarely achieve the best production results.

Our recommendation is: train your personnel. Use our various training packages. Your employees will show their thanks through their motivation, smooth machine operation and the desired production performances. They will nurture YOUR packaging plant so that it is less prone to faults and operates for many more years than uncared for machines.
Hilko Tihen, Certified Customer Trainer

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Learn in an innovative environment

Receive training from us of your operating personnel by specially qualified and certified trainers. They are very familiar with our machine technology and provide the correct answer to any of your questions. In order to also provide the correct environment for the training, it takes place in specially furnished, light and friendly seminar rooms with the most up-to-date media technology. The pathways into our production hall or our Technical Centre are short. After a theoretical introduction, your personnel personally gain useful skills here from a practical example.

In close consultation with you, we design your training schedule in such a fine way that we exactly activate your machine in our workshops when your personnel are with us. In this way your operating personnel immediately get to know your new machine: there is nothing better in the end than to practice on your own machine.

One learns better and with more concentration when away from daily operations. However, your tight production plans do not always allow you to free up your technically experienced permanent staff for a number of days for training purposes. We are naturally at your side, also in such circumstances. We are also happy to train your personnel during or after commissioning.

Well trained - top in the packaging operations

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Training in theory and practice by certified trainers
  • A high motivation and safe machine operation through qualification
  • Quicker fault rectification in the case of plant downtimes
  • A better production output and reduced scrap
  • Lower set-up and maintenance times
  • Longer machine service lives

Our training packages: as varied as the tasks of your operating personnel:

Your operating personnel have various different tasks to do. One person is excellent at smooth and reliable machine operation; another has extraordinary expertise with mechanical or electrical equipment. We therefore offer different training packages for machine operation, electrical and mechanical maintenance as well as for supporting ongoing production operations. Contact us. We create the optimum, individual package for you.

Your value added

  • Safe machine operation
  • Optimal use of all machine potentials
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improvement of the product quality
  • Reduction of unplanned production downtimes
  • Improved employee qualification and increased motivation

Our training contents

  • Concept and function of the machines
  • Operating the machine and the auxiliary systems
  • Preparation for and start of production
  • Setting up the type of bag and the product sorts
  • Fault analysis and removal
  • Regular upkeep and maintenance

Your value added

  • Qualified execution of all necessary maintenance work
  • Reduction of the repair and maintenance costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduction of unplanned production downtimes

Our training contents 

  • Concept and function of the machine modules
  • Electrical equipment (hardware and software)
  • Machine documentation and cabling diagrammes
  • Function of the safety devices
  • Use of diagnostic functions
  • Fault analysis and removal
  • Maintenance (planning and execution)

Your value added

  • Qualified execution of all maintenance work
  • Reduction of the repair and maintenance costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduction of unplanned plant downtimes

Our training contents 

  • Basic machine settings
  • Necessary preventative maintenance work
  • Upkeep of plant and machines
  • Lubrication lists
  • Fault analysis and removal

Your value added

  • Safe machine operation by our professional
  • Optimisation of the production processes
  • Use of unused machine potentials
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing quality
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes

Our performance

  • Production support by our experts
  • Use and operation of auxiliary systems
  • Optimisation of production processes
  • Preparation for and start of production
  • Changing the bag and the product sort
  • Setting of product parameters
  • Fault analysis and removal

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us:
Hilko Tihen
Certified Customer Trainer
Katzheide 33
48231 Warendorf, Germany