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Reliably stacked: our bag palletisers

How your bags reach your end customers undamaged

Your filled bags are clean and compact. They offer your product the best possible protection. But: the road to your end customers is still long. Your bags must survive the transport undamaged. For this purpose, you should palletise them and secure the pallets with a transport protection .

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Use our sophisticated bag palletisers for this purpose, among others

Because only well-palletised bags and carefully packed pallets are perfectly protected

Carefully and compactly palletised bags cannot be damaged. They cannot tip over. 
They enable optimal use of loading and storage spaces.

Smart palletising saves you time and money. You reduce your overall costs and increase your profit. But the most important thing: the neatly stacked bags are your company's business card.
Jörn Griesel, Senior Sales Manager
FFS bags on the conveyor belt to the turning clap before palletizing FFS bags on the conveyor belt to the turning clap before palletizing FFS bags on the conveyor belt to the turning clap before palletizing
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Careful bag handling and outstanding palletising results through our bag palletisers

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Our bag palletisers are easy and convenient to operate despite complex processes. The operator guidance is clear, modern and intuitive thanks to intelligent communication systems.
  • They are compactly built without sacrificing even the slightest technical finesse.
  • They are modular in design. No matter whether you feed your pallets from below or from above. - We build our bag palletisers to fit your project, no matter what type of bag, bag size or pallet type you use.
  • Our bag palletisers are low-maintenance, easily accessible from all sides and equipped for remote maintenance.
  • No bag palletiser leaves our production without an extensive test at our factory. 

What else matters:
Our customers love our bag palletisers for their extremely careful and reliable bag handling, which is second to none in the world. 

Learn more about our different bag palletiser types

We have developed the TERRAM G especially for outputs from 100 to 700 bags/h. The G stands for gripper. This takes over the complete bag handling. It turns the bags appropriately and carefully places them on the pallet according to the specified palletising pattern.

Just like the TERRAM G, the TERRAM P, that is equipped with stripper plates, also has a low inlet. The bags are prepared and aligned on two depositing trays according to the specified palletising pattern. The trays move to the appropriate palletising height, open and carefully place the bag layer on the bag stack. It achieves hourly outputs of 500 to 1,000 bags.

You can rely on our TERRAM bag palletisers.

They ensure compact, clean and attractive full-bag pallets. Since:

  • Our TERRAM bag palletisers reliably process every type of bag.
  • At the same time, they are compact and space-saving.
  • Thanks to their modular design, they can be easily adapted to the specifics of your industry, whether you are filling salt, fertilisers, compounds or other chemical products.

Our ARCUS bag palletisers achieve hourly outputs of 1,000 to 2,500 bags. They are modular in design and position the bags for palletising with a precise fit using a cross, clamp or gripper. They process any type of bag with bag weights from 5 to 50 kg quickly, safely and reliably.

In short: They bring your bags together and make sure they stay together - in the greatest possible harmony and synchronicity, taking into account the very specific requirements of your industry. 

More modern, faster, safer, more user-friendly, more energy-efficient. With our AURUM and PLATINUM layer bag palletisers, we turn your packaging machine into a highly efficient packing line that forms the foundation for reliably shipping your filled bags to your customers. They achieve hourly outputs of up to 2,800 bags with different layer patterns. In doing so, they score points through:


  • high productivity
  • low maintenance
  • easy expansion for a higher performance


Tell me which bag you palletise and I will tell you who you are

In addition to its specialisation in the pet food and agricultural and farming, our subsidiary NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING also has a technological focus: Since 1972, the company based in Illzach, France, has focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of bag palletisers. What counts for our colleagues, first and foremost, of course is your satisfaction, but also the satisfaction of your end customers.

The NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING team is an absolute specialist in the field of bag palletisers. It knows exactly that not all bags are the same and yet always finds the right solution, regardless of whether you are palletising form-fill-seal (FFS) bags, open-mouth bags or valve bags, regardless of whether the bag weighs 10 kg or 50 kg. There is no one right predetermined answer for your project. Rather, our team develops the right solution for you together with you.

#WELOVEBAGS: We love bags, but we also love the people who palletise them. We produce packaging machines and bag palletisers for those who operate and maintain them, with the demand for a high level of safety and ergonomics as well as intuitive operator guidance. The well-being of your staff is close to our hearts.
Khaled Skhairi, Commercial & Marketing Director

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