Remain up-to-date with our PERFORMANCE KITS

For clever optimisation of your currently installed packaging plant

Is your packaging line getting on in years? It continues to perform well, but is no longer technically up to date? Or your requirements have changed? Do not miss out on a rejuvenating treatment with the aid of our PERFORMANCE KITS. In this way you can continue to build on the tried and tested services of your currently installed plant, while, at the same time, also profiting from technical innovations and improvements in the hardware and software.


Put your trust in our PERFORMANCE KITS if you wish to continue to use your currently installed packaging plant which has been tried and tested over many years. You will bring a fresh impetus into your existing technology and enable the most up-to-date operating modes.
Fjolla Hoxha, Service Sales Manager


The rejuvenating treatment for your packaging plant

With our AVENTUS PERFORMANCE KITS you can bring your currently installed packaging plant up to the latest state-of-the-art.

We equip it with new modern functions, increase your productivity and secure your machine availability through modification of your plant. Our PERFORMANCE KITS are available for many machine modules, for example for bag manufacture and bag handling, for the drive systems, controlling or operation. We adapt every module individually to your requirements.

Contact us - we are happy to advise you.

Fjolla Hoxha

Service Sales Manager


That will bring with it optimisation of your plant

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Higher productivity and improved machine availability through modern technologies
  • A modification option for no longer deliverable components
  • Low investment costs, a simplified investment approval procedure and a higher ROI
  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Rapid putting into operation and reduced downtimes through adoption and further use of the existing machine structure
  • Maintenance of quality through use of original parts
  • A 12-month warranty

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Fjolla Hoxha
Service Sales Manager
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