Big bags are a cost-effective alternative to conventional bag designs. The ELEMENTRA EGF is our answer to all your big bag packaging needs. Its specialties are:


  • Weighing to the exact weight and clean filling for reliable operation
  • Completely enclosed material path through inflatable sleeve and counter-pressure ring
  • Optional compaction unit with highest possible degree of compaction


  • Modular system concept with simple retrofitting of additional options without reworking
  • Product-dependent selection of materials and surface coatings
  • Various product- and variety-dependent setting options
  • Simple adaptation to the customer's process through various conveyor systems
  • Special versions: ATEX, food, salt, fertilizer, housing, mobile (stationary, semi-mobile or mobile), cleaning functions
  • Drive fulfills explosion proof design requirements even including in food applications
  • QUATTRO System Monitoring enables permanent online-control


  • High availability of additional components thanks to the individually configurable modular system
  • Durable and low-maintenance due to first-class quality
  • User-friendly, safe and ergonomic design allows the system to be operated by just one person
  • Use of a wide variety of containers such as big bags, octabins, containers, drums
  • Modularly expandable with all auxiliary components to complete a system